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Drohne Passau Bilder

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Through the perspective of the drone you experience photos on an unprecedented scale. As a photographer, I always try to produce special but meaningful pictures. My goal is to create a mixture of art and design. I am glad that you are interested in my pictures. Most of the pictures were taken in the Passau area or directly in the city. But I also included the district, or particularly beautiful snapshots, in the portfolio. The most beautiful pictures are simply taken from a bird’s eye view. This creates the special perspectives and this new atmosphere.

Especially the Ortspitze and the Passau Cathedral are my favorite motifs. These two objects give the city of Passau its unique appearance. Of course, the confluence of the three rivers, Danube, Inn and Ilz, is another feature of the city. If you put a bit of imagination into the pictures, it even looks as if the city were a monumental ship, with the tip of the town as the prow and the cathedral as the mast. The narrowly built houses of the old town look like the planks of the ship. A truly magnificent sight. But enough digressing. For this reason I decided to publish the photographs. I hope the shots capture your imagination as much as mine. I’m glad you’re interested in my recordings! The drone Passau pictures can be found below on this page. Enjoy browsing!

More and more pictures will follow in the future. If you want to discover more pictures of me, visit me on Instagram .



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